Advisor (Italian bootleg of Space Fury)

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EMU Infos
dumper IZ8DWF
date 09/05/2024
emulator MAME 0.237
dev Matteo Legittimo, Andy Welburn, Osso
PCB Infos
name spacfurybl on Arcade Database
description Advisor (Italian bootleg of Space Fury)
year 1981
manufacturer Rumiano

Technical references


QTY Type clock position function
1x Z0840004PSC-Z80CPU 1023-u22 8-bit Microprocessor - main
1x Z0840016PEC-Z80CPU 1047-u20 8-bit Microprocessor - sound
1x TMC0280FNL 1047-17 Voice Synthesis - sound
1x LM380N - 1047-u12 Audio Amplifier - sound
1x oscillator 15.45848MHz 1039-


QTY Type position status
1x MCM2708C 1039-u39 dumped
1x AM2708DC 1047-u16 dumped
1x D2716 1023-u25 dumped
1x D2716 1024-u17 dumped
4x 2732 1024-u1,u2,u3,u4 dumped
2x TMS2732A 1047-u3,u4 dumped - different from MAME
1x N82S123N 1023-u15 dumped


QTY Type position
1x MM2114N-3 1023-u26
2x TNS2114L-45NL 1023-u27,u29
1x MCM2114P45 1023-u28
4x MM2114N-055 1038-u24,u25,u26,u27
4x MBM2114A-15L 1038-u28,u29,u30,u31
1x F6810P 1047-u15


QTY Type position status


6x 43x2 edge connector (one on each board)
1x 4 legs connector (1037)
1x 6 legs connector (1047)
2x 8 legs connector (1023)
1x trimmer (1023)
2x trimmer (1047)
1x 8 DIP switches bank (1023-SW2)
1x 8 jumpers bank (1023-SW1)


1023 PCB is marked: "1023-B" on component side
1024 PCB is marked: "1024-B" on component side
1037 PCB is marked: "1037-B" on component side
1038 PCB is marked: "1038-B" on component side
1039 PCB is marked: "1039-B" on component side
1047 PCB is marked: "1047-B" on component side

2 sound EPROMs are different from what's currently in MAME.

advsp_u3.u3  [1/2]      pcb6.3                  IDENTICAL
advsp_u4.u4  [1/2]      pcb6.2                  IDENTICAL

the second half is full of data.

update 20240516: the 2 different EPROMs are now included in MAME