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[[Seibu Cup Soccer :Selection: (bootleg, Italian)]]<br>
[[Seibu Cup Soccer :Selection: (bootleg, set 4)]]<br>
[[Komo Como (Topmar, bootleg?)]]
[[Komo Como (Topmar, bootleg?)]]

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EMMA Italian Dumping team


[edit] 2019-12-30

Street Fighter II': Champion Edition (Playmark bootleg, set 2)

[edit] 2019-12-29

New DATfiles as per MAME 0.217

[edit] 2019-11-27

New DATfiles as per MAME 0.216

[edit] 2019-11-24

Final Crash (bootleg of Final Fight) -> update: thanks to Maru79 we have a 2nd PCB for the same game. Redumped it, better description (including IC location), correct clocks, pictures. PCB is not working (68000 is dead).

[edit] 2019-11-11

Flash Point (Japan, bootleg set 1)

[edit] 2019-11-10

Tehkan World Cup (1986 year hack) -> correctly identified.

[edit] 2019-11-08

Cosmic Alien (version II, set 2)

[edit] 2019-11-01

LDP-1450 (US, Canada) -> update with adaptor's pics - unfortunately it's protected
New DATfiles as per MAME 0.215

[edit] 2019-10-13

LDP-1450 (US, Canada) -> update with complete main board description

[edit] 2019-10-08

LDP-1450 (US, Canada)

[edit] 2019-09-25

New DATfiles as per MAME 0.214

[edit] 2019-09-14

Venture (version 5 set 2, bootleg)

[edit] 2019-09-05

New DATfiles as per MAME 0.213

[edit] 2019-09-02

Pac Man (U.G. bootleg of Puck Man)

[edit] 2019-09-01

Crazy Kong (bootleg on Galaxian hardware, encrypted, set 4)

[edit] 2019-08-26

Cat and Mouse (set 1) ->update 20190826: Kold666 sent in a pinout for this board

[edit] 2019-08-03

New DATfiles as per MAME 0.212

[edit] 2019-07-23

Video Hustler (bootleg, set 4)

[edit] 2019-07-15

Multi 5 / New Multi Game 5 (set 1) -> update with 2nd PCB. confirmed dump, better description.

[edit] 2019-07-07

New DATfiles as per MAME 0.211

[edit] 2019-06-16

Cosmos -> update: better description and correct identification as "Cosmos" (it was "Space Fortress" previously)

[edit] 2019-05-31

New DATfiles as per MAME 0.210

[edit] 2019-05-30

Mushiking The King Of Beetle (2K3 2ND Ver. 1.002-, World)

[edit] 2019-05-28

Nemesis (ROM version) -> update: Caius confirmed that "sub" PCB is dedicated to VIDEO

[edit] 2019-05-27

Nemesis (ROM version)

[edit] 2019-05-11

Euro League (Italian hack of Tecmo World Cup '90, set 3)

[edit] 2019-04-29

Komo Como (Topmar, bootleg?) update -> Caius took measurements of all clocks

[edit] 2019-04-23

New DATfiles as per MAME 0.209 - I know it's 1 day in advance, but tomorrow I'll be travelling abroad (again!) and will have no time to keep up with MAME release.
As you have probably noticed, no update from me in the last month; I've been using my very scarce free time to rip my CD collection (EAC, FLAC 896Kb/s), scanning all covers, inserting all the right tags (ID3 V2 UTF16, no APE!), inserting all lyrics, etc.etc. It's taking a long time, and I still have got to rip 100+ CDs...

[edit] 2019-03-27

New DATfiles as per MAME 0.208

[edit] 2019-03-24

Shinobi (Star bootleg set 2, System 16A)->update: correctly identified as an unsupported bootleg

[edit] 2019-03-23

Seibu Cup Soccer :Selection: (bootleg, set 4)
Komo Como (Topmar, bootleg?)

[edit] 2019-03-17

Football Champ / Euro Football Champ (World)

[edit] 2019-03-10

Genix Family-> update: found a second PCB for the same game. Full redump, correct clocks, better PBC location of components, correct RAM sizes.
Gals Panic (Export, EXPRO-02 PCB)-> update: found another PCB for the same game: checked clocks, documented RAMs and PLDs, better description of components.

[edit] 2019-03-04

Football Champ (year hack) -> update from Osso

[edit] 2019-03-03

Dead Eye
Football Champ (year hack)

[edit] 2019-02-28

New DATfiles as per MAME 0.207

[edit] 2019-02-17

Omino - Scale
Cool Boarders Arcade Jam

[edit] 2019-02-10

Boggy '84 (bootleg, set 2)

[edit] 2019-02-09

Goindol (World)

[edit] 2019-01-30

New DATfiles as per MAME 0.206

[edit] 2019-01-21

Bomber Lord (bootleg)

[edit] 2019-01-20

Paddle Mania (bootleg, set 3)

[edit] 2019-01-15

UFO Robot Attack (bootleg of Invasion, older set)

[edit] 2019-01-09

Naomi Bios epr-21576d
Samba De Amigo (Rev A) -> update with dump

[edit] 2019-01-07

Martial Champion (ver EAA)

[edit] 2019-01-06

Crystal Castles (version 4)

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