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[[Puck Man vampire clone]]<br
[[Puck Man vampire clone]]<br>
[[Dynamite Duke (Japan, 25JUL89)]]
[[Dynamite Duke (Japan, 25JUL89)]]

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EMMA Italian Dumping team


[edit] 2016-12-25

Puck Man vampire clone
Dynamite Duke (Japan, 25JUL89)

[edit] 2016-12-24

Puck Man zombie clone

[edit] 2016-12-22

Kick Goal

[edit] 2016-12-18

Flicky (128k Version, 315-5051, larger roms) -> Redumped

[edit] 2016-12-17

Super Shot (alt)
Super Shot -> full redump and pictures
I also updated the Model Racing category page with a correspondence table for game numbers. To access it, simply click on the "Model Racing" category link at the bottom of any Model Racing game page.

[edit] 2016-12-03

Street Fighter II' - Champion Edition (920313 etc bootleg set 5) -> update with pics, reconfirmed dump, confirmed manufacturer and date.

[edit] 2016-11-26

Unknown 5

[edit] 2016-11-13

Ozma Wars (Model Racing bootleg)
Gun Fight (set 2)
Ms. Pac-Man (Impeuropex bootleg) -> game correctly identified by Osso. It is still unemulated.
Mighty Monkey (bootleg on Super Cobra hardware) -> game correctly identified by Osso.

[edit] 2016-11-12

Street Fighter II' - Champion Edition (920313 etc bootleg set 3) -> update with 2nd PCB. Redump is confirmed good.

[edit] 2016-10-23

Blue Shark (Model Racing bootleg)

[edit] 2016-10-06

Street Fighter II'- Champion Edition (bootleg 1) -> update with better pictures
Street Fighter II'- Champion Edition (bootleg 2) -> update with better pictures
Street Fighter II'- Champion Edition (bootleg 3) -> update with better pictures
Video Hustler (bootleg, set 3) -> redump and pics

[edit] 2016-09-26

Pocket Simon (Rev. C)

[edit] 2016-08-27

Intergirl -> update with PROMs dump

[edit] 2016-07-21


[edit] 2016-06-12

Galaxian (bootleg, set 4)
Galaxia (set 3) -> correct pics

[edit] 2016-06-08

Scramble (Model Racing, Italian bootleg) -> update with pictures

[edit] 2016-05-16

Dribbling (set 2)

[edit] 2016-05-14

Frogger (bootleg, set 1) > update with complete dump.

[edit] 2016-05-05

Frogger (bootleg, set 1)

[edit] 2016-05-02

Phoenix (IDI bootleg)

[edit] 2016-05-01

Sprint 2 (bootleg)
Sprint 2 (bootleg, set 2)
Both sets have been updated with complete dump, including PROMs

[edit] 2016-04-29

World Club Champion Football Serie A 2001-2002 DIMM FIRM Ver.3.03 (CDP-10003) update with better picture and comments.

[edit] 2016-04-24

Sprint 2 (bootleg, set 2)

[edit] 2016-04-23

Mortal Kombat (Yawdim bootleg, set 6)
Street Fighter II' - Champion Edition (920313 etc bootleg set 5) -> update with better pics and reconfirmed dump

[edit] 2016-04-19

Mortal Kombat (bootleg, set 1)
Mortal Kombat (bootleg, set 2)

[edit] 2016-04-18

Street Fighter II'- Champion Edition (bootleg 1)
Street Fighter II'- Champion Edition (bootleg 2)
Street Fighter II'- Champion Edition (bootleg 3)

[edit] 2016-04-17

New Lucky 8 Lines / New Super 8 Lines (W-4, Witch Bonus)
Champion League (v220I, dual program, set 2)
Champion League (v220I, dual program, set 1) -> update with better component description

[edit] 2016-04-13

Street Fighter II' - Champion Edition (920313 etc bootleg set 5)
Euro Double Star Record (ver.1.2)

[edit] 2016-04-11

Champion Number (V0.67)

[edit] 2016-04-10

Street Fighter II' - Champion Edition (920313 etc bootleg set 4)
Street Fighter II' - Magic Delta Turbo (bootleg set 4 (with YM2151 + 2xMSM5205), 920313 etc)

[edit] 2016-04-09

Alta Tensione (ver. 2.01a)
Street Fighter II' - Champion Edition (920313 etc bootleg set 3)

[edit] 2016-04-06

Hot Slot (ver. 05.01) -> update with pictures and better description

[edit] 2016-04-03

Luna Park (ver. 1.2)

[edit] 2016-04-02

Jungle (VI3.02)

[edit] 2016-03-20

Crash (bootleg of Head On) -> update with better description and better pics.

[edit] 2016-03-19

Sprint 2 (bootleg)

[edit] 2016-03-17

New 2001 (Italy, Ver. 2.00N)

[edit] 2016-03-13

Crystals Colours (Ver 1.02)
Grande Fratello (Ver. 1.7)

[edit] 2016-03-12

Missile Attack

[edit] 2016-02-28

Head On 2 (Italian bootleg)

[edit] 2016-02-24

Not much news lately, but a lot of work has been done documenting Naomi, Chihiro and Triforce games. And many more small corrections and integrations will come in the next few weeks. BTW I discovered that a number of Naomi games have the build date (year,month,day,hour,minute,second) in the main EPROM, so I will update dates accordingly. Also I've been experimenting with a new CCD scanner to get better pictures of PCBs, because a good quality picture can be of help in correct emulation from MAMEDEVs. A good example of this is Cat and Mouse (set 1), where the correct banking for sprites was derived directly from the PCB picture, as well as correct colours.

So from now on my picture quality will be like this.

[edit] 2016-02-10

Galaxia (set 3)->added RAMs and notes.

[edit] 2016-02-08

Poker Ladies (Leprechaun ver. 401)->full redump, including EEPROM and PALs. Pictures and full documentation. Correct ROMs names
Galaxia (set 3)

[edit] 2016-02-07

Cat and Mouse (set 1)->Another EPROM was 2732 instead of 2716. Now the dump is really complete. Also a lot of pictures, with resistors detail; this should help to complete sprite and sound emulation in MAME.

[edit] 2016-02-06

64th. Street - A Detective Story (Japan, set 2)
Raiden Fighters 2 - Operation Hell Dive (Italy)
Wonder Boy (set 3 bootleg 2) -> I just got a set of PALs from Tirino73, and the dump perfectly matches mine. It should be time to include them in MAME.
Mario Bros. (Japan, bootleg) -> update with a few PROMs and PLDs dump.

[edit] 2016-01-31

Multi Champ (World, older)

[edit] 2016-01-30

1000 Miglia: Great 1000 Miles Rally (94/05/10)

[edit] 2016-01-25

Last Four
Mystery Number -> update with correct release year
Il Galeone -> update with PAL dump

[edit] 2016-01-24

Il Galeone

[edit] 2016-01-22

Moon Light (bootleg of Golden Star, set 2)

[edit] 2016-01-17

Cherry Gold I (set 2, encrypted bootleg)

[edit] 2016-01-10

Cherry Master I (ver.1.01, set 8, V4-B-)

[edit] 2016-01-08

Thanks to Tirino we have got:
Jeckpot (Ver 1.16l)
Jeckpot (Ver 16.16l)

[edit] 2016-01-02

Rambo 3 (bootleg of Ikari, Joystick hack)
Royal Poker V 1.85

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