Missile Combat (Videotron bootleg, set 1)

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|+ style="background:silver" | PCB Infos
|+ style="background:silver" | PCB Infos
|name || '''[http://maws.mameworld.info/maws/set/mcombat mcombat]'''
|name || '''[http://www.progettoemma.net/index.php?gioco=mcombat mcombat on ProgettoEMMA]<br>[http://adb.arcadeitalia.net/?mame=mcombat mcombat on Arcade Database]'''
|description || '''Missile Combat (Videotron bootleg, set 1)'''
|description || '''Missile Combat (Videotron bootleg, set 1)'''

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EMU Infos
dumper f205v
date 14/06/2007
emulator MAME 0.116u3
dev David Haywood
PCB Infos
name mcombat on ProgettoEMMA
mcombat on Arcade Database
description Missile Combat (Videotron bootleg, set 1)
year 1980
manufacturer Videotron


[edit] Technical references

[edit] CPUs

QTY Type clock position function
1x 6502A 3b 8-bit Microprocessor - main
1x AY-3-8912 1j Programmable Sound Generator - sound
1x oscillator 10000 1f

[edit] ROMs

QTY Type position status
6x MK2716 0-5 dumped
1x 6331-1 6f dumped

[edit] RAMs

QTY Type position
8x TMS4116 7d-12d

[edit] PLDs

QTY Type position status

[edit] Others

1x 22x2 edge connector
1x trimmer (volume)
2x 8x2 switches DIP

[edit] Notes

PCB is marked: "VIDEOTRON BOLOGNA 002"
ROM 3 from location 0x6BA to location 0x6C4 (12 pokes) is: VIDEOTRON BO

[edit] Files


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