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<font size="5">[ Old Site]</font><br>
<font size="5">[ Old Site]</font><br>
DATFILES:[ EMMA Italian Dumping Team 20200521 + Various Arcade 20200521]
DATFILES:[ EMMA Italian Dumping Team 20200626 + Various Arcade 20200626]
New DATfiles as per MAME 0.222

Latest revision as of 18:24, 27 June 2020

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Naomi - Chihiro - Triforce Tutorials

EMMA Italian Dumping team

Old Site
DATFILES:EMMA Italian Dumping Team 20200626 + Various Arcade 20200626


[edit] 2020-06-26

New DATfiles as per MAME 0.222

[edit] 2006-06-07

Rally X (bootleg) -> update from OSSO: EPROM 6.1j has only one bit difference from standard, and that variation makes no sense at all. It is 99,99% a problem of bit rot. Therefore I'll flag it a "bad dump".

[edit] 2020-06-01

Rally X (bootleg)
Sky Lancer (different revision) -> update with correct dump
Blue Shark (Model Racing bootleg, set 2) -> full redump + picture

[edit] 2020-05-29

Unknown - blister 26 update from Osso -> it is confirmed that EPROMs 4 and 8 belong to Astropal. EPROMs 13 and 16 are still not yet identified.

[edit] 2020-05-21

New DATfiles as per MAME 0.221

[edit] 2020-05-15

Street Fighter (Japan, bootleg) -> update: Team Europe de-capped and dumped the MCU.

[edit] 2020-05-10

Street Fighter (Japan, bootleg) -> update: De-soldered everything and dumped, more accurate description.
Mr. Do's Wild Ride -> update: full redump and correct identification.

[edit] 2020-05-09

Mr. Do's Wild Ride

[edit] 2020-05-04

Circus (bootleg) -> update: Thanks to Caius, fully dumped and correctly identified.

[edit] 2020-05-01

Crazy Balls (TTL) -> update: Thanks to Wiz we have a pic for the control panel + in game

[edit] 2020-04-26

Street Fighter (Japan, bootleg)

[edit] 2020-04-21

More More -> better description

[edit] 2020-04-19

Sichuan II (hack, set 1) -> update with better description, clock measure

[edit] 2020-04-18

Vanguard (SNK)
Video Pinball (16 PROMs version)

[edit] 2020-04-13

Crazy Balls (TTL)

[edit] 2020-04-12

Off Limits (TTL)
Gran Trak 10/Trak 10/Formula K (TTL)-> found a second PCB for the same game. Added better pics and complete description.

[edit] 2020-04-11

Breakout (TTL) -> update: found a rather well preserved PCB, with NO modifications! This one was officially imported in Italy on 1977, 21st Sept. Added a few pics and a complete description
Breakout (Katari) (TTL) -> update: complete description

[edit] 2020-04-10

Breakout (Seletron) (TTL) -> just found a second PCB for the same game. There is a small HW modification, with a small piggyback PCB addded.
Redumped the PROM, and found a different content; I strongly suspect that previous dump from Kirmo was bad.

[edit] 2020-04-06

New DATfiles as per MAME 0.220

[edit] 2020-04-05

unknown Taito (TTL)
Circus (bootleg)

[edit] 2020-04-04

Speed Race (Seletron / Olympia)

[edit] 2020-04-03

Mighty Monkey (U.Games bootleg)

[edit] 2020-03-30

Kick Off - World Cup -> I found a third PCB for the same game, complete description, better pics, re-measured clocks.

[edit] 2020-03-29

Drive Out (bootleg)
Wheels Runner -> update with better description and pics.

[edit] 2020-03-28

Perfect Billiards (bootleg)

[edit] 2020-03-24

Cobra-Command (Japan, bootleg) -> thanks to Osso, the last PROM has been found and dumped.
Soccer Superstars (ver JAC) -> completed description.

[edit] 2020-03-23

Soccer Superstars (ver JAC) -> dumped main PCB EPROM, better description, added pics

[edit] 2020-03-22

Cobra-Command (Japan, bootleg) -> dumped PROMs and PAL.

[edit] 2020-03-21

Cobra-Command (Japan, bootleg) -> found a second PCB for the same game. Confirmed dump, added pics and chips clocks.

[edit] 2020-03-09

Jungler (Olympia) -> update: confirmed dump, added pics and better description

[edit] 2020-02-29

New DATfiles as per MAME 0.219

[edit] 2020-02-26

Super Road Champions -> Thanks to Byte Surfer we have now a complete dump! Added info, pics and dump

[edit] 2020-02-16

Pocket Gal (bootleg) -> found a second PCB for the same game. Confirmed ump, added pics, better description.

[edit] 2020-02-02

New DATfiles as per MAME 0.218

[edit] 2020-01-12

Rebus (year hack) -> Osso correctly identifies this game as an "year hack"

[edit] 2020-01-07

Seibu Cup Soccer :Selection: (bootleg, set 4) -> Osso correctly identifies PCB N.1685 as identical to PCB N.1665. Updated pages accordingly.

[edit] 2020-01-06

Klax (version 5, bootleg set 3)

[edit] 2020-01-05

Rebus (year hack)

[edit] 2020-01-04

Seibu Cup Soccer :Selection: (bootleg, set 4)

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