Coccinelle (bootleg of Lady Bug, set 2)

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I have both a blister of EPROM plus a full PCB<br>
I have both a blister of EPROM and a full PCB<br>
PCB is marked "CS299"
PCB is marked "CS299"

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EMU Infos
dumper f205v
date 16/06/2005
emulator MAME 0.97u2
dev Sonikos
PCB Infos
name ladybugb2 on ProgettoEMMA
ladybugb2 on Arcade Database
description Coccinelle (bootleg of Lady Bug, set 2)
year 1982
manufacturer Model Racing


[edit] Technical references

[edit] CPUs

QTY Type clock position function
1x Z8400AB1-Z80ACPU 8-bit Microprocessor - main
2x SN76489N Digital Complex Sound Generator - sound
1x UA324PC Quad Operational Amplifier - sound
1x TDA2003 Audio Amplifier - sound
1x oscillator 4.000MHz
1x oscillator 10.000MHz

[edit] ROMs

QTY Type position status
4x 2532 7,8,9,10 dumped
6x 2732 1,2,3,4,5,6 (11,12,13,14,15,15) dumped
1x MMI6331-1 1,2,3 dumped

[edit] RAMs

QTY Type position
9x MM2114N-3
1x HM6116P-4

[edit] PLDs

QTY Type position status

[edit] Others

1x 22x2 edge connector
1x trimmer (volume)
2x 8x2 switches DIP
1x red LED

[edit] Notes

I have both a blister of EPROM and a full PCB
PCB is marked "CS299"

update 20141006: full redump

[edit] Files

197 - 506

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