Space Attack (upright set 1)

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EMU Infos
dumper f205v, Corrado Tomaselli
date 20/07/2005
emulator MAME 0.35b12
dev Nicola Salmoria
PCB Infos
name sspaceat on ProgettoEMMA
sspaceat on Arcade Database
description Space Attack (upright set 1)
year 1979
manufacturer Gremlin


Technical references


QTY Type clock position function
1x Z80-CPU u53 8-bit Microprocessor - main
1x 315-0042 DIP40-600mil u48 custom - main
1x oscillator 18 MHz u69


QTY Type position status
8x TMS2708JL 1st PCB 155.u27 - 162.u20 dumped
2x MMI6331-1 1st PCB u65,u66 dumped
8x AM2708DC 2nd PCB 155.u27 - 162.u20 dumped
1x IM5610 2nd PCB 316-0043.u65 dumped
1x MMI6331-1 2nd PCB 316-042.u66 dumped


QTY Type position
8x 4027 1st PCB u56-u63
4x MK4015N 2nd PCB u56,u58,u60,u61
4x TMS4027-30NH 2nd PCB u57,u59,u62,u63


QTY Type position status


1x 10 legs connector (power)
1x 4 legs connector (video)
3x 1 leg connector (gnd)
1x 10 legs connector (p1)
1x 10 legs connector (p3)
1x 4 legs connector (coin ctr)
1x 10 legs connector (coin door)
1x 12 legs connector (sound out)
1x 1 leg connector (ip1)
1x 1 leg connector (ip3)
1x 1 leg connector (ip4)
1x trimmer


PCB is marked: "Gremlin (R) - MADE IN U.S.A. - C.V.Logic" on component side
PCB is marked: "PCB 170-0150A" on solder side
PCB is labeled: "3-15-79" on component side

Not working - identified by Alessio I do know that MAME says it's manufactured by Sega, nevertheless my PCB is CLEARLY marked by Gremlin!

update 20110402 Finally dumped both PROMs. This is confirmed to be the B&W version.

update 20170524 I just found a 2nd PCB for the same game. Re-dumped and confirmed. Better pics.



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