Multi Champ Deluxe (ver. 0106, 06/01/2000)

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EMU Infos
dumper Corrado Tomaselli, f205v
date 10/11/2005
emulator MAME 0.102u4
dev David Haywood
PCB Infos
name mchampdx on ProgettoEMMA
mchampdx on Arcade Database
description Multi Champ Deluxe (ver. 0106, 06/01/2000)
year 2000.01.06
manufacturer ESD


Technical references


QTY Type clock position function
1x MC68HC000FN16 MHz cu01 16/32-bit Microprocessor - main
1x custom ESD CRTC99 cm01 Graphics Controller (QFP240) - main
1x Z84C00006FEC-Z80CPU MHz su01 8-bit Microprocessor - sound
1x AD-65 MHz su08 4-Channel Mixing ADCPM Voice Synthesis LSI - sound
1x U6612 MHz su12 FM Operator Type-L II (OPL II) - sound
1x U6614 MHz su13 D/A Converter (DAC) - sound
2x Il324D su14,su15 Quad Operational Amplifier - sound
1x uPC1241H su11 Audio Amplifier - sound
1x oscillator 16.000MHz osc1
1x oscillator 14.000000MHz osc2


QTY Type position status
1x AM27C020 1 dumped
1x M27C2001 2 dumped
3x AT27C020 3,4,5 dumped
4x MX29F1610ML ju01,ju02,fu34,fu35 dumped
1x 93C46 cu23 not dumped


QTY Type position
9x W2416-70L su09,ru13,ru14,ou14,ou15,ju17,ju18,ju19,ju20
4x MCM6206BAEJ15 bu04,bu05,cu11,cu12


QTY Type position status
1x A40MX04-F-PL84 cm03 read protected
4x PALCE16V8H-25PC/4 su07,ou03,ru27,fu01 read protected
4x PALCE22V10H-25PC/4 cu04,cu05,ou05,fu02 read protected


1x 28x2 JAMMA edge connector
2x pushbuttons (sw1,sw2)
1x trimmer (volume)(vr01)
1x red LED (ld01)


both PCBs are marked: "ESD 08-26-1999" and "MADE IN KOREA ESD" on component side
PCB 1602 is labeld: "GEVIN Corporation" and "MultiChamp ExS 1698" on solder side

update 20180520: description + better readme

update 20180522: thanks to Brian Troha we have confirmation that board 294 and 1602 are the same game


294 - 1602

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