Happy Jackie (v110U)

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EMU Infos
dumper f205v
dump date 13/12/2008
emulator MAME 0.128u6
dev David Haywood
PCB Infos
name jackie on ProgettoEMMA
jackie on Arcade Database
description Happy Jackie (v110U)
year 1993
manufacturer IGS


Technical references


QTY Type clock position function
1x Z0840006PSC u16 8-bit Microprocessor - main
2x NEC D8255AC u43 u44 Programmable Peripheral Interface
1x IGS custom AMT001 u21
1x IGS custom IGS 002 u7
1x UM3567 u45 FM Operator Type-LL - sound
1x oscillator 12.000
1x oscillator 3.579545


QTY Type position status
2x D27128A 1,3 dumped
1x MBM27128 2 dumped
3x 27010 4,5,6 dumped
1x D27512 7sv dumped
1x MBM27C512 v110 dumped


QTY Type position
1x W2466V u11
1x CXK5864CP u24
2x T6116S45L u37 u38


QTY Type position status
1x unknown (DIP20 mil300) u12 read protected -> extracted with CmD's PALdumper - resulting file is under further investigation
3x PEEL18CV8PC u8 u9 u14 read protected -> extracted with CmD's PALdumper
1x TIBPAL16L8 u31 read protected -> extracted with CmD's PALdumper


1x 38x2 edge connector
1x 10x2 edge connector
1x pushbutton
1v trimmer (volume)
5x 8x2 switches DIP
1x battery 3.6V



update 20090125 Using Charles MacDonald's PAL reader I extracted the various PAL file. I'm not sure if the extraction/analisys/minimisation process went OK, because my resulting files are 279 Byte, while 18cv8 resulting files should be 341 Byte. If any DEV could please give me some indications it would be very much appreciated.



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