Free Kick (bootleg set 4)

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EMU Infos
dumper ANY
date 06/12/2012
PCB Infos
name 1079
description Free Kick (bootleg set 4)
year 1987


Technical references


QTY Type clock position function
2x P8255A 4a,2b Programmable Peripheral Interface
1x Z8400AB1-Z80ACPU piggyback 8-bit Microprocessor - main
4x 76489 9n,9p,9q,9s Digital Complex Sound Generator - sound
1x LM324N 9c Quad Operational Amplifier - sound
1x oscillator unmarked 10s


QTY Type position status
7x 27256 1-7 dumped
1x 27512 15 dumped
2x N82S129N 8h,8j not dumped yet
4x D74S287N 7h,7j,7k,8k not dumped yet


QTY Type position
4x MCM2018 4e,4l,4m,4q
1x TMM2063P-15 piggyback


QTY Type position status
3x PAL16L8 0q,0s,piggyback read protected


1x 28x2 JAMMA edge connector
1x trimmer (volume) (10b)
3x 8x2 switches DIP (6a,6b,6c)


Free Kick hardware
1 is sound
2-7 is gfx
15 is cpu

update 20130917: mail from Charles McDonald:
Another one! It feels like Christmas now.

This is nearly identical to Kevin's set, even the same NOP patches,
other than the external memory at D000-FFFF which shouldn't be
factored in. That memory is completely different since they dumped the
running game at a different point in time. Only 0000-CFFF corresponds
to the original game data, but the bootleggers in each case were lazy
and dumped all 64K like with other bootlegs.

The only differences to the game program/data area are:

119B -> LD A,2 changed to LD A,5
192C -> LD A,2 changed to LD A,5
4000/8000/8020 : Small changes in data

It's hard to say if these are real changes or just bad bits because
the values differ by a few bits in most cases.

Either these dumps (yours and Kevin's) are from the same version of
the game, and one (which one?) has a few bad bits which was the fault
of the bootleggers. Or, one is a very slight change to the other.

I have the feeling given the volatile nature of the RAM in the
original game modules, there will be a lot of bootlegs with a small
number of changes like this. Just a few bits here and there that are

The daughterboard on your set is really cool, they went to some
trouble to recreate the hardware inside the original module.





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