Champion League (v220I, dual program, set 2)

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EMU Infos
dumper f205v
date 17/04/2016
emulator MAME 0.174
dev Roberto Fresca
PCB Infos
name chleagxb on ProgettoEMMA
chleagxb on Arcade Database
description Champion League (v220I, dual program, set 2)
year 1998
manufacturer Playmark


Technical references


QTY Type clock position function
1x PIC16C65A-20/P 5.997 MHz u1 8bit CMOS Microcontroller (internal ROM not dumped)
1x D71055C u29 Parallel Interface Unit
1x Z0840006PSC-z80CPU 5.997 MHz u13 8-bit Microprocessor - main
1x KA358 u4 Dual Operational Amplifier - sound
1x TDA2003 u6 Audio Amplifier - sound
1x YM2413 3.578 MHz u3 FM Operator Type-LL - sound
1x oscillator 24.000MHz x2
1x oscillator 3.579545 x1


QTY Type position status
3x M27C1001 23,24,25 dumped
1x M27C2001 26 dumped


QTY Type position
2x HM3-65728BH-5 u22,u23
2x V62C51864L-70P u7,u14


QTY Type position status
1x PALCE22V10H-25PC/4 u16 read protected
2x A40MX04-PL84 u20,u21 read protected


1x 28x2 JAMMA edge connector
1x 6 legs connector(J3)
1x pushbutton(S5)
1x trimmer (volume)(PT1)
4x 8x2 switches DIP(DSW1-4)
1x 4x2 switches DIP(DSW5)
1x battery 3.6V


same layout as Champion League (v220I, dual program, set 1) --- update 2016-05-18 from Roberto Fresca:

This set has two different programs splitted in quarters.
Both programs are intended to cover playing cards graphics (2nd quarter program), or cans (lattine) graphics to avoid some italian laws... (4th quarter program).
Seems that there's no way to switch between them. They are harcoded through the involved PLD's. Addressing lines lower than A12 are driven normally.

Main program ROM banking through PLDs...

                                    (VPP)-|01       32|-(VCC)
 PALCE22V10H (u16) pin 21 (IO7) <---(A16)-|02       31|-(/P)
 PALCE22V10H (u16) pin 05 (I4) <----(A15)-|03       30|-(A17)---> A40MX04-PL84 (u20) pin 37 (I/O)
 PALCE22V10H (u16) pin 02 (I1) <----(A12)-|04       29|-(A14)---> PALCE22V10H (u16) pin 04 (I3)
RAM V62C51864 (u14) pin 03 (A7) <----(A7)-|05       28|-(A13)---> PALCE22V10H (u16) pin 03 (I2)
RAM V62C51864 (u14) pin 04 (A6) <----(A6)-|06       27|-(A8)----> RAM V62C51864 (u14) pin 25 (A8)
RAM V62C51864 (u14) pin 05 (A5) <----(A5)-|07       26|-(A9)----> RAM V62C51864 (u14) pin 24 (A9)
RAM V62C51864 (u14) pin 06 (A4) <----(A4)-|08       25|-(A11)---> RAM V62C51864 (u14) pin 23 (A11)
RAM V62C51864 (u14) pin 07 (A3) <----(A3)-|09       24|-(/G)
RAM V62C51864 (u14) pin 08 (A2) <----(A2)-|10       23|-(A10)---> RAM V62C51864 (u14) pin 21 (A10)
RAM V62C51864 (u14) pin 09 (A1) <----(A1)-|11       22|-(/E)
RAM V62C51864 (u14) pin 10 (A0) <----(A0)-|12       21|-(Q7)
                                     (Q0)-|13       20|-(Q6)
                                     (Q1)-|14       19|-(Q5)
                                     (Q2)-|15       18|-(Q4)
                                    (VSS)-|16       17|-(Q3)



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